Many runners, and athletes in general, tend to underestimate the importance of socks. There are still many runners who think that everyday cotton socks are suitable for their next 10k run in high quality running shoes, but this is actually false economy. Functional socks draw moisture away from the skin and their breathability ensures your feet are at a comfortable temperature while you run. Normal cotton socks cannot do that - quite on the contrary, they prevent these functions and in some ways can even counteract the beneficial properties of your running shoes.

The next evolutionary step in functional socks is compression socks. These close-fitting knee-high socks were originally created as an aid to treating blood circulation problems in patients' legs. They work as follows: the socks' narrow, elasticated mesh applies a little pressure from the ankle, along the calf and up to the knee. This increases pressure in the surrounding body parts so your muscles relax a little, which results in support to the venous blood reflux from the legs back to the heart. Apart from that, your arteries widen and can therefore provide more oxygen to your muscles.slider_running_woman

Our partner CEP has been working with medi (a high-tech medical manufacturer and one of the leading companies in the health market) to create compression socks that offer healthy, performance-enhancing effects. Partly due to the midfoot compression, these socks provide perfect support and a comfortable feel. As a result of increased blood flow and the stability of muscles and joints, risk of injury is decreased and coordination is improved. The hydrophile fabric also ensures optimal moisture management.Climate_moisture_control

With compression socks it is vital to choose the right size. Not only the length of the foot but also the width of the calf is very important with this kind of sock. The feeling when wearing these socks is a little odd at first and may not be to everyone's taste, but try out this supportive feeling and the extra push these socks give you.