The time is almost here. Preparations are in full swing, the first trip to the mountains has already been booked and the anticipation is almost tangible - we can’t wait to have some fun in the snow. - As a die-hard winter sports fan, you need to watch the exciting ski documentary “Same Difference”. The guys from Legs of Steel and the cool crew have taken some breathtaking shots. Alpine skiing star Felix Neureuther, freeride skier Fabian Lentsch, CEP athlete Sven Kueenle and freestyle skier Paddy Graham are just some of the amazing party members. The result of this gathering? A film about skiing - speed, jumps, milliseconds, precision, highs and lows, frustration and relief. If you can’t contain your excitement for your next skiing adventure, it’s time to make preparations. Apart from a well-protected head, a clear vision and a warm body, what you also need to cater for is your legs and feet. A tip from us: wear socks made of functional compression knit, such as the new Ski Compression Socks from sports brand CEP, which is famous for its medi compression technology. BO_Sonnenkopf_SK2015-4407_lowres This is why you should buy these new socks: CEP ski socks keep your feet warm and improve the circulation in your legs. In turn, this makes you feel more comfortable in your ski boots and ensures your legs feel fresh even after a long day on the slopes. While wearing these socks, you’ll feel a comfortable amount of compressive pressure. This will encourage muscle and joint coordination and stability, while also greatly reducing the risk of injury. Thanks to the crease-free design, the socks even prevent blister formation. -As a freeride skier, comfort and performance are the most important things I look for in ski boots - and this, of course, also applies to ski socks. With CEP, I’ve found a partner that fulfils my requirements 100%” - Sven Kueenle - Do you want to benefit from the best comfort on your feet, so you can follow your passion in the mountains without complaints or restraints? Then it’s time to check out our selection. We hope you have a great time with your new CEP ski socks this winter! LOS, Island