In its endeavour to produce the best outdoor shoes, our partner AKU relies on the use of high-quality materials and the design of optimal functionality. If that weren’t enough, the brand is tackling one of the main problems outdoor fans are faced with: uneven pressure distribution on the foot. It’s especially during the landing and push-off phases that particular parts of the foot receive more pressure than others. This can lead to additional strain and, ultimately, injuries. To combat this effect, AKU has carried out different lab and field tests to come up with ELICA technology. In this post, we’d like to introduce you to this innovative technology.

The system that joins the last, the insole, the midsole and the outsole is based on the anatomy of the foot. The focus here is on the aforementioned pressure points during push-off and landing, as well as the rotational axes in the forefoot and heel while you walk. During the push-off phase, the foot tends to bend outwards slightly - this is the reason why AKU has made the tread and outsole slightly slanted, as this guarantees extra grip and stability. Apart from that, the damping Dual Density midsole is a little thicker in that area, so the pressure on the heel during push-off is distributed equally throughout the foot.


During the landing phase, the foot usually bends inwards a little. The outsole, therefore, also bends inwards slightly to support to the forefoot. Like in the heel, this pressure point also has a thicker damping layer than the rest of the foot to provide extra cushioning. The tread on the outsole is also wider, so you have a larger landing surface. This results in improved grip, more stability and better pressure distribution. Lab tests have confirmed that the ELICA system in AKU shoes really does lead to more even pressure distribution. So, for long hikes, we strongly recommend you buy AKU hiking shoes with innovative ELICA technology. :-)