Christmas is just around the corner - it’s the day when we want to brighten up the lives of our family, friends and acquaintances. Most of us are very happy to receive little gifts, especially when we know that the person that gave them to us has put some thought into what we’d like to get, instead of just buying something for the sake of it. Do you want to make your best sports buddy’s day? What about choosing a gift that’s related to his or her hobby? In this post, we’re going to show you some great high-quality products in the mid-price range that would make the ideal gifts - and are also available in our selection. You can’t go wrong with these gifts: - For runners Someone who loves to run will also pursue their favourite sport in winter. The best Christmas gifts for runners are accessories, such as breathable beanies, headbands or winter gloves. Many runners would rather stretch their jumper sleeves down to their fingers or wear old fabric gloves and beanies than buy high-quality, functional accessories. In our selection, you’re bound to find the perfect accessory to make winter running a much nicer experience for your athletic friends. The Nike Printed Tempo 360 running gloves not only look stylish but are also breathable and smartphone-compatible, and they even come with reflective details. 330720C25B6624BA44D4C9DC17E4B255 For fitness fans A great Christmas gift for fitness-loving ladies is the new Röhnisch glass drinking bottle. The beautiful design and the heat-resistant and BPA-free material are what makes this bottle so special - perfect for hitting the gym, a yoga lesson or everyday day life. 92EFF612474E1A6352B3489300E66F59 We’d also like to introduce you to the Blackroll Block Set - an awesome Christmas gift for both male and female athletes. The different parts of the set can be used in different ways to help your fasciae loosen up and recover. This dissolves tension and smoothes out the tissues. The set is ideal for use straight after a workout or at any time during the recovery phase - perfect for during or after the Christmas holidays. 662D91357CD83A5223CD6515BFFAE45A For nature lovers Outdoor fans are bound to appreciate a stylish and functional beanie like the Haglöfs Lumi. The beanie is made of natural wool and integrated fleece, which draws moisture away from the head. The design is also very chic, so the beanie is a great addition to any outfit - this makes it the perfect accessory for sporty activities out in the fresh air, as well as for strolls in the city. Apart from the Haglöfs Lumi, in our selection you’ll find a nice range of high-quality beanies for outdoor sports and winter sports. 86515B9154F4B02971C49657BBC7B615 By the way, new sports items are very good for motivation and will even help persuade wannabe athletes to move more. A sporty Christmas gift can also be interesting for those who still haven’t considered practising a sport yet. Whoever you’re shopping for, we hope you enjoy browsing through our shop.