Have you always had a personal outdoor dream that would challenge you and prove what you’re made of? Are you the kind who will give it all to achieve your goals? Are you ambitious, strong-willed and full of energy? Premium outdoor brand Dynafit is back on the search for this type of adventurer - your type of adventurer! MOUNTOPIA is running again and you now get the chance to make your personal outdoor dream reality! green_visual-1024x553_Homepage Be it climbing or trail running, in summer or in winter, man or woman. If you want to become part of the community and receive support from Dynafit, sign up for MOUNTOPIA before 30th November 2017. Visit mountopia.com to register your project and start sharing the progress you make during training with the whole community by posting it on your personal Mountopia timeline. This gets you Likes with which you fight to reach the top. On 8th December 2017, you’ll find out if you’ve made it to the top 10. fcd7e20c-5f15-4f31-ad4f-2e44d188133c-1024x598_Homepage Christopher Mohn has already made his own dream come true - now it’s your turn! Don’t waste any more time thinking about it. Register for an account now and share your MOUNTOPIA timeline with your friends and family via your social media channels. Good luck! We believe in you!