As a passionate skier, you want to give it your all when you finally hit the powder. You want to enjoy every slope with all of your energy. As a newbie, you’re setting yourself a new challenge and you look towards the mountains with excitement but maybe a little scepticism. Whether you’re skiing for the first time or for the hundredth, having tired legs and cold feet can ruin the day for you. That’s why wearing the right socks is of the essence. cep_passenger_04 - Kopie The physical strain of skiing, the warm clothes and the tight-fitting ski boots can all lead your feet to sweat. As a result, your feet are the first and most sensitive part of the body that begins to freeze - though this can happen without the sweating. Wearing ski socks that are made of a good material can prevent this from happening. High-quality CEP SKI Merino socks are made of a mix of merino wool and synthetic fibres that guarantees a perfect temperature for your feet. This is because the fabric cools you down when you get too warm and warms you up when you start to feel cold. D87F92211C5099825EC135667F10BA73 To combat the additional problem of getting tired legs and feet, CEP socks are equipped with tried-and-tested medi compression, which provides stability and speeds up recovery. The outstanding fit of the socks delivers top comfort and prevents the formation of blisters. Give your feet a bit of love this season and enjoy the best skiing feeling and true winter sports power with CEP SKI Merino ski socks. Have we piqued your curiosity? Click here to check out the brand’s comfortable socks and find many other cool models for winter sports, outdoor sports and running.