Our partner CEP is known mainly for its compression socks and leg warmers for running. Now, CEP has developed three different types of ski socks that impress with their craftsmanship and functionality. The three sock types are: Ski Thermo socks, Ski Merino socks and Ski Race socks. We have these new socks in our range and want to present them to your briefly:CEP-Header-Wintersport-1

The CEP Thermo ski socks are, as the name suggests, for keeping your feet warm on icy days. They do so thanks to their thick compression knit construction, which not only provides warmth, but also supports your muscles at the same time. The compression stabilises the joints and ensures the socks fit around the foot without any creases. The adaptive fit and additional stability makes these CEP Thermo ski socks ideal for preventing injury. Apart from that, they offer a high level of comfort in any kind of ski shoe, thus helping the wearer perform better.

The big benefit of the CEP Merino ski socks is that you no longer have to decide between freezing and sweating. The socks are made from a combination of merino wool and synthetic fibres, making them both breathable and waterproof at the same time. Thanks to the temperature-regulating properties of merino wool, these socks guarantee a comfortable skin temperature and good heat insulation whether you're on a glacier or in a valley. The compression that CEP is so famous for is also present in these socks - it supports muscle recovery to ensure you're soon fit enough to hit the slopes again.BO_Sonnenkopf_SK2015-4340_lowres

The third type, the CEP Race socks, were developed for ambitious winter sports athletes. The stronger compression provides the muscles and joints with maximal stability, which leads to improved physical coordination. The direct ski feel also increases precision. Apart from that, the Race socks have integrated compression zones in the midfoot that serve to stabilise the arch of the foot during descents. This high level of stability means that the CEP Race socks deliver optimal performance and encourage faster recovery. All that aside, the socks' function of minimising risk of injury is invaluable to ambitious skiers. If you want to ski faster for longer, these socks are perfect for you!