In autumn and winter the days grow colder and also shorter. Reflective elements built into clothing offers runners the chance to be more visible in low light conditions, but especially on city roads and town streets, reflective details are often not enough to ensure you are fully visible to others in the dark.

It is for this reason that our partner CEP has developed the Night Run 2.0 compression socks. These high running socks light up in bright neon colours and also have in-built reflectors. The bright colours are not only an added safety measure in the dark, but also look very stylish!


Of course, that is not the end of the functions offered by the CEP Night Run 2.0 compression running socks! A comfortable skin temperature and excellent moisture management are ensured by the hydrophilic treatment, and the open-pore mesh structure in the calf area delivers ventilation. As well as this, the socks offer optimally placed padded areas that ensure improved pressure distribution, thus giving the runner more energy and making exercise seem easier.

CEP products always meet the highest quality standards and are developed based on scientific research to contribute to physical health and athletic performance, One of the signs of this high quality is the "Made in Germany" you will find on every CEP product.

Do you want to see the high quality of the CEP Night Run 2.0 running socks for yourself? You can find them in our shop!

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