Collaboration with top athletes and sports physicians combined with decades of experience manufacturing compression socks all results CEP’s effective products, which help you achieve your sports goals. Compression socks not only serve as support during sporty activities but are also very valuables for everyday life and leisure. Here you can read through all the benefits of CEP compression socks.

In our selection, you can now find the CEP Metalized compression socks - a limited edition that combines top functionality with a unique style in gold and silver.

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Keller Sports Pro Kati Prametsberger is an expert in injury prevention and rehabilitation, and running is one of her many passions. This is what she said when we asked her about these socks: “Many runners underestimate the effect of compression socks during training. The socks’ functions can prevent your legs from feeling tired while you run and greatly help recovery. The slim-fitting socks increase venous pressure, which in turn speeds up the blood returning to the heart. This stimulates the circulatory and lymph systems, so metabolic products like lactic acid are broken down and removed more quickly. All this leads to a faster recovery, which means that you can get back to your training sooner.”

The CEP Metalized socks’ medi compression supports and stabilises your ankle and foot through targeted pressure. You’ll notice the effects of the socks straight away and enjoy an improved running experience, which in turn increases your overall motivation. However, the socks’ functions don’t just take effect during training but also before and after.


Kati uses compression socks on a regular basis. “I find that these socks are very functional when it comes to carrying away fluids and improving my recovery, so I not only wear them for running but also for skiing, ski touring, mountain climbing and travelling by plane”, says Kati Prametsberger.

When do you wear compression socks? Have you tried wearing them during your run yet? We look forward to reading all about your experiences with CEP compression socks in the comments section below ;)


Photograph: James Mitchell