Under the slogan of “Try it, feel it, believe it.”, our partner CEP Sports has launched two new pairs of running tights for men - one is short and one long. The slogan refers to the benefits of compression clothing, which is still causing split opinions. Some swear on compression, while others simply don’t get it. Despite differing views, it has actually been scientifically proven that compression clothing does in fact encourage circulation, and its proprioceptive muscle stimulation reduces the risk of injury. The new CEP Run Tights 3.0 offer these benefits and more. Running-Tights-LP Another advantage to wearing the Run Tights 3.0 by CEP is that they reduce muscle vibrations while you run, which in turn reduces distractions for you, so you can fully concentrate on your run without thinking about how tired your legs are getting. Thanks to medi compression, these tights also shorten the recovery time needed after exercising. Apart from being good for you from a functional perspective, the CEP Run Tights 3.0 also come with flat seams for a perfect fit and breathable material for optimal temperature regulation. Are you still running without compression clothing? If you’re still not sold on the benefits of compression clothing, just ‘try it, feel it, believe it’ - as CEP says. ;-) 28766416_182981055649613_615041051953987584_n