From now up to 30th June, the Keller Sports Store will be all about cycling sports. Experience cycling sports from all angles with Castelli (a leading manufacturer of premium bike clothes), Radlabor and our very own Strava Challenge, which includes a social ride with Flo Nowak.

Castelli at the Keller Sports Store

It’s not just the Giro d’Italia that links Italy with cycling - the country is bursting with passion for this sport. Take the Italian brand Castelli for example - it’s well known for its high-quality bike clothing, so much so, in fact, that global leader Team Sky places its trust in this label. The Castelli Gabba, launched a few years ago, was a real game-changer. Today, the 3rd generation Gabba is part of every cyclist’s essentials kit, as it’s worth every penny of its price when you cycle in cold, wet weather. The garment’s optimised fit and waterproof material ensure you’re well equipped for the toughest weather conditions without having to put up with the flapping about you get with a conventional sports raincoat. The last few years have seen the arrival of another novelty in the field of professional cycling sports: race suits. These aerodynamically optimised one-piece suits make racers faster in every stage of the race, so they save precious energy and time. You can benefit from this speed without having to sacrifice the advantages of having a jersey and bib short outfit, like back pockets. All in all, a race suit is exactly what you need when you’re in hot pursuit of more KOMs/QOMs. Castelli_Roadbike_2

Keller Sports Road Bike Club Strava Challenge

We’re all about collecting KOMs/QOMs. Show us what you’re capable of during the Keller Sports Time Trial Challenge powered by Castelli, from 19th to 26th June 2018, by cycling the 4k segment through Perlach forest, in Munich. You can take part in the Strava Segment “Keller Sports TT Challengealone, in pairs or in threes. Start at the north entrance to the forest, next to Giesinger Waldhaus. Click here to see the exact route. The rules are simple: you have from 19th until 26th June (6 pm) to cycle that segment as many times as you want. Track your times with Strava to make it into our rankings! Encourage each other to break a new personal record, as it’s the slowest time in the team that counts! Castelli_Roadbike_3 The three fastest teams will get Keller Sports vouchers worth 150€ (1st place), 100€ (2nd place) and 70€ (3rd place). Apart from that, all participants will be entered into a prize draw. A Castelli bike jacket, 2 complete Castelli outfits, and a bike fitting service by Radlabor Munich are all up for grabs. How to take part:
  1. Visit the Keller Sports Road Bike Club in Strava and become part of our community.
  2. Choose a team captain in charge of registering your team name and team members.
  3. On your bikes, get set, have fun! Don’t forget to track your progress with Strava!
You can also take part in our sMiles Challenge ‘Win a Castelli bike suit’, which involves cycling 45k in 90 minutes. This challenge ends on 6th July. Haven’t had enough with these two challenges? Want to correct your posture on your bike to make hours of pedalling more comfortable? Then come in-store for a professional bike fitting service by Radlabor Munich. It’s not just about improving your performance, it’s about preventing potential problems and lessening existing ones.

Social Ride by Florian Nowak and Keller Sports

The big highlight of the Keller Sports Road Bike weeks will be taking place on 26th June, when our community plans to meet up in Munich for a social ride and after-work event with cycling pro and Europe Tour rider Florian Nowak. We’ll be meeting up in front of the Keller Sports Store in Munich at 5:30 pm for a relaxed ride, also passing through the Challenge Segment in Perlach forest. Racers who still haven’t cycled this segment as part of our Road Bike Challenge will have their last chance to do so during our social ride. For those of you who would rather take it easy, just stick to the group and gather with us at the end of the segment. Here we’ll turn round and head back to the Store in Munich, where you can enjoy the rest of the evening with beer and pizza. We’ll also be announcing the winners of the challenge that evening. You’ll have plenty of time to chat with Flo and get some pro-level tips, and to mingle with the community. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!