GORE BIKE WEAR® Outfit systems provide a combination of top quality and outstanding aesthetic design. That’s why our selection is now offering ambitious cyclists the brand’s most innovative products. These are based on what you, as a cyclist, need throughout the year, season by season and depending on the weather conditions. 19436278_418959385164080_5738478720121831424_n To achieve this, GORE BIKE WEAR® integrated two fundamental concepts. The Head-to-Toe concept and the Skin-To-Shell concept ensure the brand’s products kit you out perfectly, so you can work with your bike to your full potential, whatever the weather! The Head-To-Toe concept targets your head, hands and feet - all the parts of your body that play a big role in the production of sweat, the loss of heat and the adaptation to big changes in temperature. The concept aims to protect these sensitive areas. The Skin-To-Shell concept, better known as “layering principle”, creates a comfortable microclimate within the outfit. This supports the natural temperature regulation of your body in varying weather conditions and during different physical challenges. 20213903_350626055355397_5498076764770926592_n Innovation, fit, quality and durability - these are the properties that characterise GORE BIKE WEAR® products. In our selection, we’re proud to offer you this outstanding brand’s bib shorts, leggings and jerseys, with or without zips, for your outdoor adventures. GORE BIKE WEAR® means “Cycling. In every weather”. Have fun discovering these products!