Recent studies have shown that a 1-minute high-intensity activity can have similar benefits for insulin regulation and the cardiovascular system as a 45-minute low-intensity workout. That means that a short but very intense workout can do you a lot of good.

Of course, variations should be included in every workout and longer training sessions can be more effective at burning calories, but if you only have time for short, intensive intervals then burpees are the perfect exercise. They activate almost every muscle in the body. Here is a short guide with some variations:


1. Easy

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, squat and then change into a push-up position. From there, go back to squatting by jumping with your feet towards your hands. Finally, jump up while stretching your whole body upwards. Then start the exercise again.

2. Harder

Before you jump back into a squat do a push-up every time. Then squat, jump up and start again.

3. Even harder

Now, instead of stretching out during the jump, do a squat jump by jumping, bringing your knees up to your chest in mid-air and then stretching your legs out again before landing. Then it’s back to the same routine: squat, plank, push-up, squat and jump.

If you repeat this exercise for 20-30 seconds, have a quick break and then do another 1 to 2 sets you will have completed a really cool short but tiring and effective workout that can be slotted into a full agenda. Have fun!

Source: Fitbit