The Asics Gel-Kinsei 6 is the perfect footwear for ambitious runners and those who want to become one. GEL damping in the heel and forefoot provided by the X40 insole will ensure you feel like you are running on clouds. The sole provides improved cushioning, breathability and moisture management. The damping FluidRide 2.0 midsole technology helps you accelerate faster and make the most of your strength and stamina. In order that you can train just as hard at the end of the workout as you did at the start, the Gel- Kinsei 6’s high performance Gel system absorbs impact from all over the foot. The Impact Guidance system also supports your natural running style. The shoe is ideal for runners with neutral pronation.


You’ve probably heard the word “pronation” a few times and are wondering what it means – this is essential information for runners. Pronation described the way in which the foot rolls in the phase between landing and push-off. After the foot lands on the floor, it is the lower leg that absorbs all the resulting impact. To be more precise, pronation is the exact moment in which your foot rotates inwards and the movement occurs just under the ankle. In order to reduce risk of injury, runners should take into account their pronation tendencies when deciding what kind of shoe to buy. There are roughly three types of pronation. Supination or under-pronation is when the foot rolls outwards, which puts more pressure on the lower part of the leg. Runners with neutral pronation have little to no biomechanical issues, as their feet roll inwards or outwards to a much lesser degree. Overpronation is when the foot rolls inwards – runners with this type of pronation tend to have longer leg rotation phases, which can cause problems with regards to muscle activation timing. If overpronation tendencies are very pronounced, the runner is very likely to be prone to injury. This is because foot function is greatly impaired, and so is the ability to absorb impact. Next time you run, think about pronation. What kind of pronation do you have?

By the way, in our shop you can get the Gel Kinsei in fresh red for men or light orange for women.