Everyone knows that feeling when you’re running and you reach the point that your legs start feeling heavy and you can’t go on any longer. Your calves start feeling tight, your thighs start shutting down and your knees start to ache. Depending on the runner, it can happen after 5k, 15k or even after a 35k marathon. At that point your pace slows down and your run is pretty much over. To prevent this from happening, our partner ASICS has developed something new that will push you to break new records: the ASICS Finish Advantage tight. In the ASICS Institute of Sports Science in Kobe, Japan, researchers have joined forces with runners to develop leggings with targeted compression- and stability zones that support the muscles and joints.full-ban-top-running-tights

The high-rise elasticated waistband of the ASICS tight prevents skin irritations and guarantees an adaptive fit to the body. The thighs are supported laterally thanks to compression zones - these are made up of elasticated rubber that supports the muscles and reduces pain over longer distances. Around the knee there is also a stabilising area that keeps the knee in the correct posture while it moves, preventing it from rotating. The whole garment has a seamless finish, meaning that you avoid any chafing, even when you run for a long time, and as a result you can fully concentrate on your activity. The functional material also draws perspiration away from the body for a nice dry skin feeling. With the leggings you’re sure to keep up a good pace right from the start, gather more and more energy as you go on and feel less tired, and you’ll be able to give that final push that you need right at the end to achieve a new personal best. At the moment we only have the women’s tight available in our range - they’re in our shop, so check them out!