The story of our new partner, Bollé, started way back in 1888, in a small town called Oyonnax, France. It was there that Seraphim Bollé founded a company that would concentrate on manufacturing combs and hair accessories for the region. After the Second World War, the Bollé company became the first company to produce and shape nylon that would conform to the extremely high standards of the time. In 1950, the brand added safety goggles to its range, which paved the way for future successes. Bollé continued along this path until, in 1956, it launched the famous nylon cat-eye sunglasses that became so popular in the 50s and 60s. Four years later, Bollé created its first ski goggles, changing the company from a “small backstreet shop” to one of the most well-known premium glasses manufacturers in the world. In another development, Bollé also added winter sports helmets to its range. Thanks to the high quality finish, extremely high level of functionality and quality, as well as the continuous development of technologies, Bollé managed to earn and maintain a leading position in the winter sports market. As the brand Bollé is new to our range, we’ve decided to introduce you to some of the key technologies and features.logo


Bollé helmets are equipped with a variety of functions. Safety is obviously a top priority, and with it protection for the head. It is for this reason that Bollé has developed the so-called Hybrid shell, which is a combination of InMold and ABS technology. InMold refers to when the helmet shell and the hard foam are fused together to provide a lot more protection during impact than helmets in which both components merely attached. Thanks to the ABS hard shell in the top part of the helmet, resistance and shock absorption are particularly improved. The Hybrid shell also ensures all the right materials are in the right places and deliver a high level of protection despite a low overall weight. Additional features include the removable, washable inner lining, the Click-to-Fit® system, the adaptive fit, the Audio Kit for optimal sound within the helmet and the many ventilation openings that ensure a comfortable skin temperature. All of this adds up to make Bollé helmets the ideal piece of equipment for on-piste and off-piste adventures.15392805_10153899930415146_7580460461930561862_o


To go with the helmets, Bollé has also developed optimal ski goggles. Even during the concept phase, the brand already ensures the goggles and the helmets fit together perfectly to provide optimal ventilation and the best comfort. The ski goggles are equipped with a Flow-Tech ventilation system that stops your goggles fogging up. At the same time, the ventilation openings are waterproof, which prevents any water from clogging up the system. A triple-layer face foam coated in non-woven fabric provides external comfort, while the silicone strap ensures the goggles sit safely on the helmet. The particularly wide field of vision means you can enjoy the views from the top of the mountain and recognise any obstacle while you ski down the slopes. Bollé goggles and Bollé helmets make up a wonderful harmony that you simply must experience - don’t just take our word for it, try it out for yourself!fond_tsar_a4-exe_cmjn_0

Pictures: Facebook/fansofbolle