“We are fearless - are you?” - this is the slogan of the new Urban Outdoor collection by Bogner FIRE+ICE. Feeling curious? Time to check out the next brand to hit the Keller Sports Store!

The Bogner FIRE+ICE brand and its origins

Inspired by Willy Bogner’s film “Fire and Ice”, in 1989 the company FIRE+ICE became a pioneering brand for young, rebellious sportswear. Although the label’s roots lie in ski sports, its current collection stands for much more. Be it summer or winter, city or nature, FIRE+ICE represents an active, functional and stylish lifestyleYou now have until 9th June 2018 to check out the highlights of the Bogner Fire+Ice Urban Outdoor collection in our store. The range was designed for adventurers and city heroes, and you can look forward to finding some perfect summer outfits that fuse functionality with style. Enjoy the best freedom of movement for all occasions! The cherry on top is an exciting event in the store focused on the slacklining campaign. Guaranteed thrills for all!

Bogner FIRE + ICE - One inch away from flying

3 highliners - high above the Munich Olympic Stadium. Under their feet: an inch-thick slackline and, below that, 60 metres of thin air. Ahead: 150 metres of slackline, lots of blue sky and, somewhere in the background, Mt. Wendelstein, Mt. Zugspitze & co. Bogner Fire+Ice has put up a slackline between two floodlight masts on the Olympic Stadium in order to shoot some spectacular photos over the roofs of the city of Munich. The 3 athletes were literally “one inch away from flying” - the inch being the slackline they were walking on. 07_BOGNER_FIRE+ICE If you’re wondering what it feels like to stand there in the middle of thin air, you can find out from the highliners themselves: Steve Pucker and Manuel Hennchen will be at the Keller Sports Store in person to tell you about it. At 6:30 in the afternoon on Thursday 7th June, the two male highliners from the video will be joining us at our store. Steve and Manuel will give you some exciting insights into the making of the film, including impressive pics, videos and stories! What do the athletes say about their sport? “When I first started slacklining, I used to get panic attacks up there and couldn’t move”. The word ‘challenge’ is certainly not a novelty to these two. Steve adds: “When you challenge yourself, you grow from it”. You can tell that both highliners know exactly what they’re doing and have a wealth of experience behind them. Last year, they proved their skills on the RTL programme ‘Ninja Warrior’ too. We’re very excited to be able to welcome these extreme sportsmen to our Keller Sports Store so soon. Apart from these two star appearances, product manager Sarah Riley will be introducing the Bogner Fire + Ice Urban Outdoor collection. We’re sure you’re looking forward to seeing how Bogner Fire+Ice’s slogan, “From nature to city”, applies to the collection and receiving some great advice from the expert. If you’re getting itchy feet and want to try out the sport for yourself, why not put your balancing skills to the test on the Fun Slackline on the Isar? Steve and Manuel will be sharing tips for beginners and demonstrating their skills in practice. To finish off the event, it’s beer and ice cream for everyone.


Highlining - what’s it all about?

Your heart races, your hands get clammy… Highlining is definitely not for the faint of heart. But what exactly is it and how did this unusual sport come to be? It was in the late 70s that some daredevil rock climbers first attempted highlining. They put up a slackline between the trees in the Yosemite national park, in the US. The invention of tubular tape in the 80s helped the sport progress further until it became a big trend. Highliners are secured with a leash that fastens onto the slackline and stops the highliner plunging to his or her death. It’s highly recommended to start off by walking a normal slackline, which is much closer to the ground and often has a wider surface to put your feet. We’re offering you the chance to try this out for yourself on 7th June. With highliners Steve and Manuel coaching you, you’ll be safe as houses and have a great time! Come to the event and enjoy a great evening at the Keller Sports Store! Source highlining: https://4-seasons.tv/