Our partner Blizzard has now managed to improve on a factor it used to have to compromise on. With the Zero G line, Blizzard has developed skis that are as light as normal touring skis but offer the performance of freeride skis. This means that you no longer have to pick either downhill performance or low weight. Blizzard has managed this feat with a new technology called Carbon Drive, which has been integrated into the Zero G line. This means that there is a unidirectional (i.e. all fibres facing the same way) 3D carbon frame integrated within the ski construction, which greatly increases the torsional stiffness of the ski. In turn, this affects the stability in a positive way and improves power transfer to the edges of the ski.bkg_drive

The Blizzard Zero G skis have the carbon frame integrated into an ultra lightweight paulownia sidewall construction, guaranteeing optimal edge pressure throughout the length of the ski. The ski manages climbs beautifully thanks to its low weight, but it is during descents that it really shows what it can do - all because of its wide, aggressive construction. This is where the skier reaps the benefit of the rocker-camber-rocker profile: the tip and tail rocker reduces edge pressure, improving buoyancy on powder. The camber in the middle of the ski provides reliable support on hard-packed snow. The construction and the special combination of a light weight and high level of stability all makes the Blizzard Zero G skis true all-mountain tourers that do not compromise on performance. Good news for all ski touring- and freeriding fans: this ski is now in our range. Have fun on your next skiing trip!drive_stra