Our partner Blizzard has raised ski technology to a whole new level with its new Quattro line. The men's and women's skis were especially developed for groomed slopes and combine the most modern technologies. Blizzard has worked out that stability, precision, agility and control are the four most important aspects that make up the ideal ski but, as the perfect amounts of each of these aspects depends on personal preference, Blizzard has designed the Quattro skis with varying levels of these main characteristics to suit every type of skier.AlessandroBelluscio_BLIZZARDquattroLOW-0042

The construction is what determines the stability and performance of the ski, with the main technology hidden within the components of the core. These are wood, polyurethane, fibreglass or metal (titanal). Out of all possible combinations Blizzard has developed nine different construction shapes so every skier can find his or her perfect ski with which to optimise skiing stability and performance.

IQ System technology controls the flex of the ski, and is therefore decisive for precision and stability. The technology consists of a revolutionary method of fusing the ski and its binding, which is attached to the ski via a central screw. Blizzard Quattro ski binding comes in three different setups, meaning that also the binding can be adapted to match the different needs of all Blizzard Quattro models.

Precision and agility are also influenced by the three key measurements of a ski: width, length and waist width, in other words, its shape. These figures also determine how easy turn initiation is with each ski. The Blizzard Shape concept takes width as the main factor - every ski model is available in different widths. This variety of ski shapes means that every skier can find the perfect ski.AlessandroBelluscio_BLIZZARDquattroLOW-0019

If you prefer fresh powder, we recommend a Blizzard Quattro with rocker. Unlike the other Blizzard Quattro models, this ski has an outward curvature in specific areas, usually the tip and tail. The main benefits of rocker are improved buoyancy and easier steering.

Check out the skis - you're sure to find the perfect one soon enough!BT_Aspen16_287