Our partner BLACKYAK has launched three new outdoor lines for the season: Pali, Sibu and Maiwa. Are you planning your first/next nature trip? Wondering what’s so special about outdoor clothing? Want to know what to look out for when buying it? Curious about how you can withstand the elements just like a South Korean yak? In comes the brand BLACKYAK. Why does is the brand’s logo a yak, you may be asking? Read on to find out the label’s news, what makes it special and how the three clothing lines Pali, Sibu and Maiwa are different from one another.

BLACKYAK - the story

Outdoor brand BLACKYAK was founded in South Korea in 1973. At the time, it was called Dongjin Mountain. The first BLACKYAK shop opened in the fashion district of Seoul. Even back then, the label’s goal was to offer mountain climbers the equipment they needed to achieve their outdoor-hobby goals. The founder, Tae Sun Kang, realised that outdoor clothing was sadly lacking in Korea. If you’re wondering about the company yak, you’ll find out soon enough. innovation The brand grew quickly and has been the market leader for functional clothing in South Korea, China and Nepal for several years now. Five years ago, BLACKYAK made its first appearance at the biggest sports trade show in the world: the ISPO in Munich. This was when the brand realised that functional outdoor clothing was also in high demand in Europe. The company created a new brand, BLACKYAK Global, to cater for this demand - it’s not just about offering different clothes sizes and following our trends; BLACKYAK Global is being developed by Europeans in Europe: the brand’s headquarters are in Munich city centre. Take a look at how many awards BLACKYAK has won and you can tell straight away how good its products are. Winning its 16th ISPO awards last year, BLACKYAK has become the most successful company in the history of this renown trade show.  

BLACKYAK - why the yak?

As promised, we’re going to explain to you why BLACKYAK has a yak for a brand mascot. The yak is a mountain bovid that lives mostly in the Himalayan region. They’ve been used as beasts of burden for centuries, even for mountain crossings. Carrying their heavy loads, the yaks march along icy cliffs in the toughest weather conditions imaginable. The inhabitants of that region also have several other uses for the animal. Yaks produce wool, milk and meat, and they can be ridden and used to carry heavy loads. They’re often considered a mountaineer’s best friend for long trips. responsibility This is precisely why BLACKYAK chose the yak as the company mascot. The label’s outdoor clothing is designed to make the mountaineer as resistant against the elements as the yak is, so you can make your way up the tallest mountains. BLACKYAK strengthens the bond between people and nature by researching fervently into new materials and product designs.  


BLACKYAK jackets, vests and pants have been available in Europe since 2016. We’re proud to have been able to offer you this brand’s great functional outdoor clothing from the very beginning. This year we’ve received some new BLACKYAK products, so we’d like to introduce you to some of them. athletes


The Pali Line was made to withstand the most extreme mountain weather conditions. This is why BLACKYAK presents this product line as the “protector”. Thanks to optimum material combinations and new insulation concepts, you have nothing to fear from the cold and the rain. The men’s Gore-Tex Pro Shell 3L, for example, is wind- and waterproof but still breathable, thanks to its Gore-Tex Pro Shell membrane. With all of these useful features and more, this is the perfect companion for mountaineering in all weathers. The matching Gore-Tex Pro Shell 3L men’s pants offer the same benefits as the jacket. These pants are significantly more comfortable than other 3-layer pants. The ergonomic fit and the several ventilation openings improve the pants’ comfort a lot. The Kevlar inserts at the cuffs shield the pants (and your legs) from sharp objects, like ski edges and crampons. All of the other BLACKYAK Pali Line products also make any mountain adventure possible. Why not check out the Vivid jacket and the CottonShell® pants? These and much more outdoor clothing by our partner are now available in our shop.  


The Sibu Line is a showcase of the brand’s most innovative items. It reflects BLACKYAK’s constant research into materials and functions. The products are particularly light and have a very low volume, but they still stop you getting cold, as they protect your body from perspiration, outside cold and rain. This range of clothing is perfect for mountaineers who need to travel light. The Lightweight Stretch 3L women’s jacket is a perfect representative of the Sibu Line. The jacket is made out of special fabric that’s been enhanced with stretchy material, so the garment adjusts to and allows for the movements of your body. The waterproof outer material is (like the name suggests) extremely light. This means that it offers excellent protection against the elements without weighing you down. You never know what the weather will be like in the mountains, but with this jacket, you’ll be prepared for all eventualities. For warmer days, we recommend the Medium Weight Cordura men’s shorts. Cordura material is a special fabric made of nylon. As part of the Medium Weight Cordura shorts, it serves to offer you 4-way stretch for optimal freedom of movement. Apart from that, the Cordura shorts are very hardwearing and comfortable. The modern cut ensures you’ll look great both in the mountains and in the city. Also featuring in the Sibu Line are the Dzo raincoat, the Hybrid jacket, the Combat midlayer and other Cordura clothes for men and women - find them in our shop. Let the next hike begin!  


The Maiwa Line is a good all-rounder, as it includes clothes for hiking, trekking and training. The range is made up of down jackets, stretchy pants, functional tops and fleece midlayers like the BLACKYAK Fleece Medium Weight functional hoodie for women. The focus of the Maiwa Line is on comfort and, whether you’re male or female, you’re bound to find something you love in our shop. One highlight of the BLACKYAK Maiwa Line is the Bazhou functional top. It is made with Cordura, is available for men and women, comes in cool colours, sports a simple design and boasts an athletic boot. The material blend of cotton, Cordura and a little elastane makes the Bazhou top more durable than conventional t-shirts. The elastane percentage ensures the top gives a little, so you can just put in on and feel good. Looking for something a bit warmer? Then take a look at the BLACKYAK Light Down Insulation Stretch down hybrid jacket (men’s and women’s models available). This light jacket is suited to all outdoor hobbies. The breathable Nylon Stretch panels keep you cool when things heat up and also grant you natural freedom of movement. The down-filled stand-up collar provides warmth when you need it. This is function and style in one. If you want functional midlayers, stretchy pants or a light Cordura t-shirt for women and men, you should check out our shop.