On Thursday 4th May, we hosted a really cool event in collaboration with our partner BLACKYAK in our Keller Sports Store, which was presenting some exclusive garments from the current BLACKYAK spring/summer 2017 collection. _B3B5731-Edit The event began at 6 pm with a “yak hunt” - participants were asked to find an almost life-sized yak using Garmin GPS watches. Apart from that, everyone was challenged to gather as much rubbish from the Isar banks as possible. This activity was inspired by the “Clean up the Mountains” campaign that takes place several times a year, in which volunteers gather to clear the mountains of waste. The person with the most collected rubbish receives a prize at the end. _B3B5819-Edit To finish the event, extreme mountaineer and BLACKYAK athlete Jost Kobusch presented a film showing his challenges in the mountains so far. The spectators watched the scenes with excitement as Josh commented on specific parts. _B3B5874-Edit The 24-year-old told us about his partly successful and partly unsuccessful attempts at climbing mountains over 6,000 and 8,000 metres high. What makes this athlete different is that he climbs on his own without oxygen and without outside help. Since climbing the Annapurna (8091 m), he has become one of the youngest in Germany to climb an 8,000 m high mountain. _B3B5887-Edit _B3B5978-Edit BLACKYAK is a South Korean company that hasn’t been in Europe for very long, so in order to round up the evening, we had the chance to try some South Korean specialities while Jost continued to discuss and philosophise with the guests. _B3B6004-Edit On our Keller Sports Store Facebook page, we keep you up to date on all new events, so you don’t miss a thing.