In 2006, professional freeride skiers Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet joined forces with businessman Christophe Villemin in Chamonix, France, to ground the freeski brand Black Crows. From the beginning, the aim of the company was to create skis that joined an excellent design with performance. As well as that, both freeskiers had the aim to create a powder ski with a wide radius that can withstand fast turns, and a shape that can perform sudden directional changes. This meant that they steered away from the trend at that time to designed narrower skis. With this idea in mind, Camille and Bruno turned to businessman Christophe for help, as he was also an enthusiastic skier (and still is to this day). Bruno remembers: "At that time we were talking about the fact that there was no single ultimate freeride ski, and none of the existing freeride brands really convinced us. From there we came up with the idea of doing it all ourselves. At the end of dinner, Christophe offered to give us financial support. That's where it all began."ventus-2016-27

With the name Black Crows, inspired by the black Alpine chough. the brand soon produced its first ski: the Corvus. Chamonix is close to the Mont Blanc Massif and is the centre of the freeride scene, making it the freeride capital. It was precisely here that the name Black Crows spread and gained popularity, just as much as the robust, easy-to-ride Corvus ski. With its innovatively designed and high-performing skis, this brand continues to impress even today and is known throughout the freeride ski scene. Do you want to see for yourself? You now have the chance, as we now have new incredible skis available in our shop.