We currently have the premium brands Black Crows and Peak Performance in our Keller Sports Store in Munich.In this post we'd like to present the freeride skis that you can check out and buy directly in our store in Munich:


The Corvus freeride ski is an easy-to-steer, reactive, alpine ski that achieves a balance between authenticity and modern design. It is ideal for skiers who like steep, alpine terrain or who enjoy giving it full gas down the slopes. The safe tail provides good pressure distribution, while the long classic camber offers an outstanding ride in high mountainous regions. The solid, progressive flex underfoot delivers comfort and performance.

The ORB freeride ski impresses with its dynamic performance and speed. This ski shows what it's capable of above all on powder, but also in other varied snow conditions. The double titanium coating lends a particular amount of elasticity and cushions the ski. The front rocker makes the ski highly buoyant and easy to steer. The extreme grip guarantees performance and makes this ski a very sporty partner for the piste.


The Camox freeride ski is particularly versatile - be it on a piste, in a park or in backcountry; on powder or slush, this Black Crows mid-fat ski will adjust to any terrain. This balanced nature is thanks to the efficiency of the shovel and tail. The curved shovel allows the ski to glide nicely over powder and deep snow, while the balanced flex enables comfortable turn initiation and the necessary level of performance.

The Camox Birdie freeride ski is the women's model and it is in now way inferior to the men's ski. Versatile, reactive and easy to steer - the mid-fat ski leaves nothing to be desired. 03

All the Black Crows skis above, as well as the ski poles, can be seen, tried and, naturally, bought in our Keller Sports Store in Munich. Apart from Black Crows, we also currently have the Peak Performance 30 Year Anniversary collection in the store. We will be celebrating the Peak Performance anniversary in the store on 01.12.2016 - find out more here. A visit to the shop is sure to pay off! We look forward to seeing you there.

Your Keller Sports team

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