What is bike fitting and what use is it to me? Where can I go for professional bike fitting? If you’ve asked yourself these questions before, continue reading. We’re going to tell you all about the professional analysis of your sitting position on your road bike. In a nutshell, bike fitting is about adjusting your road bike to your body and it can help you remedy aches and pains or make you more efficient on the pedals. By using professional video analysis and body measurements, bike fitters can help you optimise not only your movements but also your power transfer and aerodynamics! Our bike fit partner is Radlabor Munich. With over 10,000 position analyses performed and a passion for cycling, this company is the absolute expert when it comes to bike fitting. Want to know what a bike fit experience at our Keller Sports store is like? Wondering what’s involved in a Radlabor Munich position analysis? Read Tom’s story below:


The bike fit experience

“As soon as I got to the store, I received a warm welcome by the Keller Sports and Radlabor people. Pascal took my bike, put it on the stand and measured and recorded its settings using a laser. I’m the kind of guy who won’t let anyone touch my bike. I prefer to do everything myself to make sure it doesn’t get any scratches on it! But I could see straight away that Pascal knew exactly what he was doing and that my bike was in good hands. In the meantime, I got changed into my cycling gear and was really curious to see what would happen next. The first thing Pascal checked was my bike shoes and cleats. Having marked my position in my shoes, he moved them onto a measuring gauge and adjusted them by a few millimetres. He also looked at my gait and explained to me what information he’d gathered so far. Bikefitting_3 I then stood in front of a camera, while he used special software to gather my body measurements. That’s when I realised that I’ve got long arms and short legs, like a monkey! The upside of this is that it’s comfier for me to ride a road bike - so, you see, every cloud has a silver lining! Bikefitting_5

Position and joint angle analysis

Next, it was time to get my bike shoes back on, swing onto my bike and step onto the pedals. Pascal began running a video analysis and measured the angle of my knees. He found out that I’m sitting a little too high and therefore move my hips too much. Apart from that, my left knee also bends slightly to one side during a stroke. Pascal went on to explain how he would go about correcting my posture, and he also explained that this incorrect posture (which I was unaware of!) could have had a negative effect on power transfer and my body in the long run! After pushing down my seat 3 mm and leaning it forward by about 10 mm, he also changed its angle and let me try it out. A new video analysis and knee angle measurement showed that I’m in a much better position on my bike now! The bend in my knee and the excessive hip movement had reduced significantly, and it felt great! Pascal explained that even the slightest changes can have a great effect on my muscles and posture. Pascal recorded all of the adjustments he’d made to my bike, alongside the data he’d gathered at the start of the fit, so he could send it all to me in an email a few days later. He also shared some really useful tips with me on functional training - the highlight for me being the simple exercises he recommended to resolve the problem with my hip and knee movements. He urged me to get in touch with him should I ever have issues with the new settings of my bike, or if I have any more questions, so he can find a solution.


Bike fitting benefits

Pascal isn’t just experienced and good at his job, he’s a pro who knows how to explain things well! Every time he adjusted the bike in any way, he showed me the specific part of my body that would benefit from it. After all, we all want efficiency, great posture and injury prevention while cycling. Even if you don’t see any problems yourself or think that your position on your bike is perfect, you’ll see that even the smallest changes will make a big difference in the long run. As cyclists, we want to stay fit for as long as possible and cycle with the least amount of pain, obviously! When I first turned my passion for cycling into a career 6 years ago, I experimented for ages with all kinds of seat models, angles and settings until I found the one position in which I stayed pain-free for more than 30 minutes! If I’d gone for a bike fitting service, it would’ve all been over and done within 1.5 hours. I would’ve saved myself time, pain and patience, not to mention all the money I wasted on seat models that I couldn’t return. I would’ve done better investing that money in a session at Radlabor. I would recommend a bike fit to everyone - even if you don’t have any obvious problems with your bike yet! I personally felt very reassured that I’d been advised by an expert whose cycling experience helped him adjust my bike to suit me perfectly! I’d like to thank Pascal from Radlabor and Keller Sports for this amazing experience! Now that I’m riding as efficiently as possible and in the perfect position, I’m guaranteed to collect even more PRs and KOMs on Strava!

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