A new trend called athleisure as appeared recently. It’s been around since last summer, or possibly even earlier. But what does the term even mean? What is athleisure? How do you tap into this new fashion trend? In this post, we’ll be discussing the answers to these questions.

Athleisure - what is it?

The word ‘athleisure’ is a fusion of two terms: ‘athletic’ and ‘leisure wear’. It may seem as if it refers to leisure wear that looks sporty, but in actual fact, it refers to sports clothes that can be worn in your leisure time. This year, the trend is absolutely everywhere. Most people have worn their jogging pants, fitness tights or even their sports bra in their free time at least once. The sports clothes suddenly became acceptable for everyday life and even for working at the office, attending lessons at college or walking around the city. You’ve noticed too, right?

It all started with trainers, the sports shoes that have been reinvented as everyday and leisure shoes. The trend has been encouraged by the sports brands that have given their sports clothes new designs and attractive patterns. That marked the point of no return. Sports clothes doubling up as everyday wear were here to stay. This was the birth of athleisure.

What a few years ago was brushed off as being unsuitable and scruffy has now become a new fashion trend. But isn’t that always the case when it comes to fashion?    

Athleisure - get the look

Are you caught up in the athleisure trend too? You might be wondering how you can fit sports fashion into your everyday life and how to combine the different pieces together to create an athleisure look. Well, it’s not that difficult and we suggest you simply try things out.

The easiest way to start if you don’t want to jump in with both feet is to wear trainers. These shoes were originally designed for practising sports. They’re super comfortable and they come in all colours and designs. Just combine your trainers with your favourite jeans and you have an athleisure outfit right there. Athleisure Sneaker A few years ago, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld said that “if you wear jogging pants, you’ve lost control of your life”, but few would agree with that statement today. Jogging pants have joined trainers in taking the streetwear world by storm. They’re now a core element of the athleisure look.

Many brands offer jogging pants with modern, slim fits, so you don’t look like a couch potato in them. They’re great for combining with trainers, conventional street shoes or even high heels. Just play around with these essential sportswear pieces and create a unique look. Athleisure Nike Sportswear The athleisure trend has found its way into tops as well. It’s becoming more and more common now to see people wearing extra large hoodies and sweaters around the city and at the office. Another athleisure-style piece is the chic sports jacket. They’re really easy to combine with your other garments and they round off an outfit.

The choice is yours: you can either wear single athleisure garments separately (trainers, pants or a top), or combine them together to form a complete athleisure outfit. One thing is for sure: these clothes aren’t just for the gym anymore. We recommend combining garments that match instead of clash - too much colour could make your outfit look outdated. Athleisure Outfit CMP


Many fashion trends fail to make into our everyday lives because they’re simply too bold. Athleisure, on the other hand, is a trend that we love to wear. As a sports product retailer, we’re absolutely in love with the trainers and clothes released by our partners. We wear them daily, and not just for exercising.

What do you think of the athleisure fashion trend? Have you already integrated a couple of sports pieces into your everyday outfit? If not, why not try it out? You might find you enjoy wearing sports clothes for everyday activities.
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