In honour of the World Athletics Championships in London at the end of July, our partner ASICS has launched its biggest campaign of the last 25 years. With the motto “I MOVE ME”, the sports brand aims to motivate everyone to practise more sport and move more in general to work towards a healthier, more fulfilled life. This punchy ASICS campaign is focussed on people like you and me - not competitive athletes, but those who enjoy movement as a positive aspect of everyday life.

“Over the last 70 years, we’ve built a strong brand whose self-perception is reflected in the name: Anima Sana In Corpore Sano - a healthy soul in a healthy body. This is why we’re so pleased to use this image in an up-to-date marketing concept and bring it back to life. [...] For us, this is much more than a brand campaign - it’s a mission. A mission to help the people of this world get moving”, says Paul Miles, Senior General Manager, Global Marketing Division, ASICS Corporation.


We think that the message and motivation shown through the videos and images of the campaign are just amazing. Whatever your sports is: running, basketball, hip-hop, cycling or skating, the important thing is to keep moving and enjoy yourself. ASICS’ I MOVE ME really fits in with our idea of sports. What do you think?