To mark the beginning of spring, our Keller Sports Store was recently taken over by ASICS for three weeks - this meant having Gel-Nimbus 20 running shoes instore, as well as matching running outfits. With events like the test run of the special Platinum Edition of the Nimbus running shoe, a nutrition workshop and a mental coaching-themed evening, we’ve made sure you’re fit for a sporty spring - both physically and mentally.  

Gel-Nimbus 20 Platinum test run

ASICS_Testrun3 We enjoyed some beautiful spring weather on Saturday 24th March - time for "Isar Run goes Platinum"! Led by ASICS frontrunners Florian and Marius and our very own Isar Run coaches Lisa and Chris, the group went for a training run along the river Isar to put the anniversary edition of ASICS’ latest model through its paces. ASICS Titel_Testrun As you can see, everyone had a great time and feedback on the shoe was overwhelmingly positive. What our Isar Runners were most impressed with was the very good cushioning and the comfortable running feel delivered by this speedy model. ASICS_Testrun  

Super Good Food Workshop

On Tuesday evening, three days after the Nimbus test run, we hosted a workshop with ASICS nutrition expert Marcus Schall. He not only shared countless tips on food trends and healthy eating but also brought along some refreshing samples for us to try! His very own CleanPerformanceBar and freshly prepared Mineralizer drink were handed out after the Isar Run to help us recover our strength. ASICS_SGF If you want to make your own electrolyte sports drink, try out the Coconut Mineralizer. We have the original recipe by Supergoodfood right here (serves approx. 1 drink): 450ml coconut water "Coco Passion" 400ml water (i.e. 200ml still, 200ml sparkling) 125ml orange juice (fresh with 100% fruit content) 25ml lemon or lime juice Fresh lemon and mint 1/4 tsp Celtic Sea Salt or rock salt alternative

I Move Me - Change Your Mind presentation

In the last week of the running and nutrition-themed period, we had another highlight in store for you: Sport Mental trainer Daniela Dihsmaier gave a talk on how to deal with stress and pressure and how to overcome performance block. She began by explaining the different types of sportspeople out there: the goal-oriented, the competitive, the fun-loving and, last but not least, the chaotic. Every type has strengths and weaknesses and they’re all vulnerable to making different psychological mistakes. To keep your interest in sports fresh, you should learn to focus your attention on the right thing depending on the situation - sometimes you should look inwards, focus on yourself and on your body, other times you should focus on external stimuli coming from your environment. It can also be a matter of switching between concentrating on a single task or looking at the big picture. To make it clearer, here is an example of how important it is to focus on the right thing at the right time: during a competition, 100-metre sprinters need to focus solely on the task at hand, while marathon- or ultra-runners should pace themselves, look ahead and plan for the entire race to ensure they have enough energy to reach the finish line. Daniela also conducted a little experiment to show how athletes can deal better with nerves - she proved that music can influence your frame of mind and even your movements. ASICS_IMOVEME Throughout these three weeks, you’ve had the chance to not only try and buy ASICS running highlights in our store but also enjoy exciting events themed around sports and health, taking away a lot of useful information that can you reach your sports goals and even improve everyday life. Check out our store homepage to see what we have coming up for you next!