A few months ago we introduced you to the “Fitter in :15” videos created by our partner ASICS. The videos last just 15 seconds and show some easy and some not-so-easy exercises that can be incorporated into your training programme. The best thing about it is that you no longer need to stick to the classic planks, sit-ups and similar routine exercises. ASICS’ “Fitter in :15” videos provide you super new variations of these exercises that you can mostly do without props, or with very small ones at least. The exercises are designed to make your training more varied, more exciting and more intense. Here are three of the videos, so you know what we’re talking about:AsicsAW16_Training_Eur_M_03_LR

1. Fitball Core Workout

This video stars tennis champion Gael Monfils demonstrating the Fitball Core Workout. To being with, lie your tummy on a Pezzi ball. Use your hands to move slowly forwards. Tense up your upper body and buttocks to keep your body balanced. When you’re as far forward as possible, do a push-up and start moving backwards. Repeat this a couple of times for some brilliant stability-, balance- and strength training.

2. Standing Abduction + Band

For this exercise you need a Theraband. Stand on the band with your legs a shoulder-width apart, cross the ends of the band and then hold them in your hands. Now lift one leg to the side - the resistance of the band will increase, making your training more effective and targeting your abductor muscles. Lift both legs in turn. Simple but effective.

3. Resistance Band Lunges

You only need a Theraband for this exercise too. Put one foot on the band and take the ends in your hands. Bend your arms and push your elbows forward, all the time pulling the band upwards towards your shoulders to increase the resistance of the band. Lunge your other foot backwards. Now you can do normal lunges, but you benefit from the extra tension of the Theraband, making the exercise much more effective. Let’s go!