"Functional training starts with the foot - this means that the first step is choosing a shoe" says our Keller Sports Pro Art Claas Van der Heide during his interview with SAZsport. The federal soldier has been doing CrossFit for five years and also works as a self-employed personal trainer on the side. As an expert in CrossFit and functional training, he places a high value on finding the right shoes. Following the principle of "always varied", he always tries to incorporate something new in his body-weight training. It is because of this that not every shoe is suited to every one of his workouts, which is why Art recommends training with different shoes and even going barefoot from time to time.


As a coach, Art Claas van der Heide is considered an expert among his clients when it comes to shoes. No one knows better than an active qualified CrossFit athlete and functional trainer with years of experience. He used to be in charge of his own box (a training room, as referred to by CrossFit athletes) and he is now available in person and online to help all kinds of people find the perfect CrossFit shoes. However, the self-proclaimed fitness freak is always honest and bases his opinions and advice on personal experience.

As a consequence of their trainers' advice, CrossFit athletes often prefer to buy shoes online, as the right shoes are hard to find in physical shops. To aid this process, Keller Sports Pro Art Claas van der Heide will be testing the Nike Metcon 2 and finding out if it is any good as a functional CrossFit training shoe or not.

We're really looking forward to knowing what he finds out and thinks of the training shoe. You can find many more training shoes in our shop.