This has probably happened to you too: you come home in the late afternoon after work, the sun’s still shining gloriously in the sky and you’re looking forward to eating out in a beer garden with your friends. Enjoy it, you’ve earned it! When, later on in the evening, you change into your sports clothes to go for a run in the perfect temperature, it’s possible the sun’s already starting to set. But there’s no reason to fear running in twilight - our premium partner CEP has joined forces with designers Anne Gorke and Stephanie Hotz, from Berlin, to create something especially for this occasion: the CEP Nighttech socks. CEP-Vesterby--®JamesMitchell-MIT28884 These cool and unique socks from the innovative and high-quality brand were designed with a motto in mind: “Glow with the Flow”. Based on the tried-and-tested CEP Run Socks 2.0, they’re a fusion of maximum functionality and a modern look - they come in plain black with highly reflective coloured dots on the side of the calf. The CEP Nighttech socks aren’t only a highlight when hit by a little light in the dark, as the reflective dots give off colour in daylight. Being the main design elements of these socks, the dots are a real eye-catcher at all times. During the design of their products, CEP makes the most of the medical knowledge of its parent company, medi - a leading health company that works in close collaboration with scientists, sports physicians and athletes. This means that the Nighttech socks come with tried-and-tested medi compression, making your legs feel lighter during long runs. With the perfect fit of the foot area, the CEP Nighttech socks also prevent the formation of blisters and reduce friction against the skin. CEP-Vesterby--®JamesMitchell-MIT28641 (1) These functional socks are not only suited to the summer months. Especially in autumn and winter, when the nights draw in, it’s important to stay safe in the dark and make sure you’re visible to others. In our selection, you can find highly functional CEP socks for women and men in blue and pink. We also offer you calf sleeves, which don’t have a part for the foot. Check out all our models here.