Swedish brand Röhnisch’s latest sports collection is now available in our shop - perfect for all you strong women out there! The new All Black All Recycled collection from this women’s fitness clothing brand was designed especially for women like you. We’d like to show you what makes this collection stand out. The sports collection is part of the larger summer 2018 collection and is only available in limited numbers and from select retailers. The line consists of six perfectly matching pieces and makes up a complete training outfit. Of course, the individual garments look amazing combined with pieces from other collections too. Rohnisch_TrulyBlack_01 - mittel The range is all in black but different little highlights have been added throughout. Both the feminine pattern and the light grey reflective details work together to deliver a beautiful dynamic design, and also make you more visible in the dark. Apart from looking good in the stylish pieces from this new collection, you also have to take functionality into consideration - something you don’t have to compromise on in this case. All of the garments in the line are highly breathable and draw perspiration away from the skin. The flexible material allows you to move freely and dynamically, too. This means that you can fully concentrate on your favourite sport, be it running, yoga or weightlifting. Strong women value not only their training routine but also a conscientious lifestyle - you might already be there yourself or are working on it. It is for this reason that Röhnisch produces a vast majority of its articles using recycled materials. Today, the brand has significantly reduced its need for resources. Producing sports clothes with recycled materials uses fewer chemicals, less water and less energy than other forms of manufacturing. In 2018, the company wants to push this progress even further, which is why the new All Black collection is mainly made of 100% recycled polyester. This means that it’s not just you who benefits from this sports collection - the environment does too. Find your new Röhnisch All Black sports outfit in our shop. By the way, we also have this gorgeous silicone-covered glass drinking bottle to go with the new collection. The bottle holds both hot and cold drinks, as it’s made of heat-resistant glass. It’s also free from BPA and phthalates. Check it out here. Rohnisch_TrulyBlack_06