A good thirty years ago, Galiano Bordin opened a small shoe repair shop in Montebelluna – this was the foundation stone for the brand AKU. The region of Treviso is known as a “sport shoe Mecca”, as it is home to several large shoe companies, and it is precisely here where the outdoor brand has its headquarters, even today. Dedicated to innovation and demanding extremely high quality, this brand has made it to the top of the outdoor and trekking market.AKU2_1200x800

A deciding factor of this success is the determination to use environmentally-friendly processes while manufacturing the products. The focus is on aspects such as traceability, safety, origins of the raw materials, reusing and recycling.

All shoe components are geographically traceable and 100% of production takes place in workshops in Italy and Romania. Very few companies can boast such transparency.130304_aku_203-Modifica_54579ae204a2e

When it comes to safety, the brand has made it a mission to use few or no chemical materials that could be potentially harmful to our health. The Dani Sustainable Leather used in many AKU shoes goes through an innovative tanning process that makes the shoes chrome-free – an additional safety guarantee for users.

During the selection of materials, AKU relies on European leather, which is processed in the Italian tannery DANI GROUP. In the choice of the rest of the materials, AKU insists above all on recycled products, such as the Vibram Eco Step running sole, which is made from recycled rubber and recycled EVA. This is prepared in a way that guarantees excellent quality.IMG_2259

This innovative brand is now in our range. We offer a fine selection of these functional, genuine, environmentally-friendly premium outdoor shoes. Check out the quality for yourself.