The brand AEVOR offers modern, chic and, above all, functional rucksacks. We’d like to introduce you to the label and its different bags, from the daypack to the trip pack.

Where does the brand AEVOR come from? What makes an AEVOR rucksack special? What are the bags for, exactly? Continue reading to find out.

AEVOR: Introduction to the rucksack brand

AEVOR is actually a German brand that’s been making all kinds of bags since 2006. Inspired by bike couriers in New York, Berlin and other big cities, the label’s products are ideal for a creative, flexible and dynamic lifestyle. The brand pays a great deal of attention to the design, materials and functionality of the bags it produces. AEVOR’s aim is to create products for people who go their own way in life and love a modern, urban look. AEVOR even won the German Design Award in 2017 for its excellent rucksacks. AEVOR Trip Pack Black Eclipse

AEVOR: A commitment to environmental protection in every daypack

One of the main reasons many people choose AEVOR daypacks over others is that this brand believes in environmentally friendly manufacturing. As part of the Fair Wear Foundation, the label works hard to ensure all parts of the production chain have the least negative impact on the environment as possible. One way of ensuring this is by making 50% of the outside material of the bags from recycled PET bottles. This not only results in strong and waterproof bags but also does the planet a favour.

AEVOR: The products you can find at Keller Sports

We have all kinds of different AEVOR rucksack models in our selection right now. We’d like to delve into the details of two of them today, so you can understand what features these bags have to offer and what their intended use is. Best of all? For less than 80€ you’ll not only be contributing to fair manufacturing but also benefit from an excellent AEVOR bag. AEVOR Daypack Black

AEVOR Daypack

The 18L Daypack is a good all-rounder. It’s full of various practical features, making it the perfect companion for everyday life. The 18L is really well organised: it comes with lots of little pockets to keep your things in place. The main compartment comes with a laptop sleeve and a bottle pocket. With a hidden pocket at the back for storing important things like passports, this Daypack is also perfect for travelling.
The most impressive feature by far, though, is the expansion function. With just a couple of swift movements, you can turn the 18L Daypack into a 28L bag. So, whether you need it for everyday life or for travelling, the AEVOR Daypack is the best companion to have. You can choose from a variety of colours, from Moor Grey and Flicker Mint Green & Coral to Woodland Green and Fineline Black. AEVOR Daypack Fineline Black

AEVOR Trip Pack

The AEVOR Trip Pack is the big brother of the Daypack. It has a volume of 26L and, like the Daypack, it has a rolltop system that allows you to extend the storage space - this time to 33L. This, of course, explains the name of the bag: its larger volume is perfect for longer trips, making this the ideal bag for flexible people who need the bag around the city or on weekend trips. AEVOR Trip Pack Echo Green
In everyday life, the Trip Pack impresses with its padded laptop sleeve and its fleece-lined zipped sunglasses pocket. Another practical feature is the mesh pocket at the side, which serves to keep your water bottle to hand. During longer trips, be it in the city or in the mountains, you’ll love the waterproof outer material - this is made of up to 50% recycled PET bottles and it keeps your items dry if the weather turns. To make it easy to keep everything organised, the AEVOR Trip Pack comes with an all-round zip that allows you to open the bag completely.
Be it for uni, sports or a weekend trip, this rucksack is up for anything. The Echo Green and Black Eclipse shades are perfect for every occasion. The rolltop system enables you to quickly open the bag and have immediate access to your equipment. A perfect rucksack for everyday life.


We’re really impressed with the AEVOR rucksacks, especially the Daypack and the larger rolltop version. Apart from being very functional and having a small price tag of under 80€, these bags are also beautifully coloured. The Echo Green and Black Eclipse, in particular, are perfect proof of why AEVOR definitely deserved to win the famous Design Award. The option of having a smaller rucksack or rolltop bag that turns into a bigger bag in seconds is also amazing. What do you think of these rucksacks?
AEVOR Trip Pack Eclipse Black