adidas presents the next edition of its flagship Ultraboost 20 and is breaking new ground in development. adidas recently announced a cooperation with the ISS (International Space Station) National Lab to further develop innovative features. The new adidas Ultraboost 20 running shoe already has some space-inspired features.

ADIDAS Ultraboost 20 Men Running Shoes (white) 118,90 €
ADIDAS Ultraboost 20 Men Running Shoes (white)
118,90 € *
ADIDAS Ultraboost 20 Men Running Shoes (grey) 128,90 €
ADIDAS Ultraboost 20 Men Running Shoes (grey)
128,90 € *
ADIDAS Ultraboost 20 Women Running Shoes (grey) 147,90 €
ADIDAS Ultraboost 20 Women Running Shoes (grey)
147,90 € *

adidas Ultraboost 20: What's new?

With the Ultraboost 19, adidas was already convincing all along the line and brought a Laufschuh for everyone onto the market. The company from Herzogenaurach is now building on this and has adopted the Boost midsole from its predecessor. This gives the runner a very pleasantly cushioned running shoe that also promises a certain dynamic. The running feel is pleasantly direct and invites you to run at higher speeds. The upper is made of knitted Primeknit for a high level of comfort, which is supported by pleasant padding in the heel.

For the right support, adidas uses TFP fibres (Tailored Fiber Placement) on the upper, which ensures a custom fit. The TFP fibres are designed to help exactly when they are needed. And this is exactly the technology that adidas uses from the ISS and incorporates space technology into the new Ultraboost 20. With the Continental outsole, it also has a brilliant grip on wet surfaces. The running shoe is rounded off by the distinctive heel counter for solid guidance without constricting the runner too much.

Keller Sports Pro Jan tests the adidas Ultraboost 20

How does the adidas Ultraboost 20 perform?

The first time you lace up the adidas Ultraboost 20, you feel the high level of comfort. The heel sits perfectly in the heel counter and the Primeknit is tight but not too tight on the foot. With the help of the TFP fibres, the upper sits slightly flatter on the foot and thus provides more support in the running shoe. The Boost in the midsole does exactly what it is supposed to and ensures a permanently soft running feeling.

If you want to go a little faster, the construction in the forefoot still gives you a direct feel for the ground. In general, there is no need to break in the Ultraboost 20, everything just feels right, no matter the distance.

adidas Ultraboost 20 running shoe in the Keller Sports Test 2019

The adidas Ultraboost 20 at a glance

  adidas Ultraboost 20
Weight 7    
Damping 10  
Reactivity 9    
Grip 10  
Stability 9    
Gender Women & Men
Weight 310 g
Off set 10 mm
Sole material adidas BOOST
Upper material Primeknit & TFP-Fasern
Fit normal
Application Training & Competition
Shoe type Neutral running shoe
Price 134,90 € *

Conclusion of the running shoe test

With the Ultraboost 20, adidas delivers just the right update to its predecessor and gives it - also thanks to the innovative TFP fibres - first and foremost an extra in terms of support. The high level of comfort and the well-functioning damping make it interesting for every runner and on every distance.

The new adidas Ultraboost 20 in the running shoe test with Keller Sports Pro Jan

* The actual price may differ from the one stated here. It depends on current offers and the model.

Credits: Jan Lau
Photos: Carsten Beier