Uneven paths, unpredictable weather, thin air, climbs, ups and downs… Trail running offers you much more than just straightforward running on an even floor. It means change, adjustment, freedom. Trail running leaves traces and you’re the only one to tell your story with the innovations of adidas Terrex.

With the adidas TWO Boa® running shoes and the Terrex Agravic functional jacket, you’re not just equipped for the next trail running adventure - your shoes tell your story by allowing the trail to leave traces on a blank canvas. Only you decide how the story begins, unfolds and ends.

Running for me isn’t about following a fixed plan or distance. It’s about letting go and connecting with the inspiration that flows through me on the trails. When I let freedom and spontaneity lead the way, I always find myself exactly where I need to be…even if that’s the middle of nowhere.” - Benni Bublak

What inspires your blank canvas? Do you prefer having a plan or just following your gut? Tell us all about what inspires you!


adidas TERREX TWO Boa® trailrunning shoe

Whether you run with or without a plan, with the new adidas TERREX TWO Boa® you tell your story and go your own way. These adidas shoes are made of undyed material - using these in their natural colours saves water and energy, which results in a more sustainable way of manufacturing these adidas trail shoes. The adidas Terrex shoes were designed for long and “ultra” distances. They deliver top comfort thanks to the great cushioning, the Boa closure system and the wider forefoot. adidas’ specially developed lacing enables you to adjust the width of the shoe with absolute precision, so you enjoy a perfect fit throughout your outdoor run.


adidas Terrex Agravic windproof jacket

If you’re looking for garments to go with your TERREX TWO Boa®, look no further than the Terrex Agravic windproof jacket for maximum functionality in variable weather. This is precisely what makes trail running such an exciting adventure, so being well protected is of the essence. The Terrex functional jacket by adidas offers you cool comfort thanks to breathable mesh panels. In bad weather, the jacket’s waterproof finish will shield you from the rain. Wind and cold are also kept at bay by this adidas outdoor jacket. The hood, drawstring hem and stand-up collar shield you from the unpredictable forces of nature. Having a low weight and volume, the Terrex Agravic is a windproof jacket that you can take with you everywhere without worrying about excess bulk.

With the natural TWO Boa® outdoor shoe and the innovative adidas Agravic functional jacket, you’re well on your way to making your own way and writing your story. The outstanding functionality of this outdoor equipment only adds to the fun you’ll have on the trails and turns them into an unforgettable experience! Don’t take our word for it - check out the latest adidas Terrex products in our selection for yourself. Trail shoes and trail jackets for your running adventures in nature are available in men’s and women’s models and in different designs in our shop.