The fact that adidas is committed to keeping the oceans clean, recycling plastic waste and finding more sustainable ways to produce textiles and footwear has already been presented to us and to you several times here in the Keller Sports Guide. Now we are even more pleased to be able to continue our series of articles, because adidas is taking a big step further:

From 2024, all adidas products, from running shirts to outdoor shoes, will be made exclusively from recycled polyester. Find out more about the END PLASTIC WASTE project and get to know the latest sustainable products.

ADIDAS Solecourt Primeblue Men Tennis Shoes (white blue yellow) 143,90 €
ADIDAS Solecourt Primeblue Men Tennis Shoes (white / blue / yellow)
143,90 € *
ADIDAS Freelift Primeblue Men Tennis Polo Shirt (blue yellow) 62,90 €
ADIDAS Freelift Primeblue Men Tennis Polo Shirt (blue / yellow)
62,90 € *
ADIDAS Primeblue Women Tennis Dress (blue yellow) 98,90 €
ADIDAS Primeblue Women Tennis Dress (blue / yellow)
98,90 € *

Recycled Plastic instead of Virgin Plastic

Every year, about 350 million tonnes of so-called "virgin plastic" are produced - plastic that is made from virgin raw materials. Much of it is used only once, then ends up in the rubbish, is shipped and then often ends up in the sea, our largest life support system, which has already suffered irreparable damage.

In cooperation with the environmental organisation Parley for the Oceans, adidas has been collecting plastic waste on beaches and in coastal regions since 2015 before it can enter the sea. In just one year, around 7,000 tonnes of plastic waste were collected.

Already this year, these quantities of plastic waste will serve as the basis for the production of more than 60% of all adidas products. Already today, you can recognise clothing and shoes that are made entirely or partly from recycled materials by the Primeblue and Primegreen labels.

adidas collects plastic from beaches before it can enter the sea and uses it to develop an environmentally friendly sustainable yarn with maximum performance.

Primeblue: Made with Parley Ocean Plastic & Primegreen

Between the collection of the plastic waste and the finished product lies an innovative process in which the plastic waste is first cleaned, shredded, melted and then processed into a yarn. In the end, this finished yarn is made entirely from recycled materials, of which at least 50% is Parley Ocean Plastic.

It is used by adidas to produce the functional material such as adidas Primeblue: Made with Parley Ocean Plastic. The recycled material is high-performance and works in sports textiles and lifestyle apparel as well as in the upper material of running shoes for example.

adidas Primegreen is another approach by the brand with the three stripes to avoid continued dependence on newly produced polyester. In order to produce adidas Primegreen, various materials are recycled. Primegreen thus makes a major contribution to environmental protection.

adidas uses Primeblue yarn from Parley Ocean Plastic for running shoes, tennis shoes and outdoor products.

Sustainable comfort

Of course, with all new innovations, adidas remains committed to uncompromising comfort, style and durability. To make it as easy as possible for you to choose a more sustainable product, the recycled materials are just as good as the conventional fabrics. And even better, they significantly reduce the impact on our environment, for example by conserving natural resources.

A plan for less environmental impact

adidas knows that man-made environmental problems cannot be solved overnight. That's why the brand thinks far-sightedly and, above all, realistically. In 2020, adidas could break the 50% mark and from 2024 onwards, only recycled polyester will be used in all adidas products. The next milestone is to be reached in 2030:

adidas aims to reduce the company's carbon footprint by 30% compared to 2017 and is thus part of the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action. The company aims to achieve its major goal of climate neutrality in 2050. In Germany, adidas already sources almost all of the electricity used by the company from renewable sources.

The adidas tennis apparel for the big tournament in Australia is also developed from recycled polyester

The adidas Primeblue: Made with Parley Ocean Plastic x Heat.RDY tennis Collection

In 2021, the tennis year will again start with the big tournament down under. Surrounded by the sea, there is probably no better place than Australia to present the new, sustainable adidas collection for the tennis court. The material for the collection was brought directly from the beach to the court.

Die Farbpalette der Textilien und Schuhe ist an der Natur orientiert. Sattes Ozeanblau trifft auf gedeckte Erdtöne, abgerundet durch strahlend gelbe Details. An jedem Tennistop, Shirt und Stirnband der adidas Primeblue x Heat.RDY Kollektion findet ihr das adidas Primeblue Label. Viele der Produkte sind zudem mit der Heat.Rdy Technologie ausgestattet, die die Luftzirkulation ankurbelt und beim Spielen kühl hält - das macht sich gerade im australischen "Winter" bemerkbar.

Maximum performance with optimal fit and functionality - that's what products with adidas Primeblue technology promise.

More environmentally aware than ever

With the Primeblue x Heat.RDY Collection, adidas is setting a new benchmark by incorporating more recycled materials than ever before and combining performance benefits with eco-friendly fabrics. We've brought you the styles adidas athletes like Sascha Zverev, Dominic Thiem and Angelique Kerber will be wearing at the Melbourne tournament to send a clear message: End Plastic Waste.

Of course, the Melbourne hard court is just one of the many places where adidas products made from recycled polyester are performing. Over the coming months, we will continue to bring you products and collections made from Primeblue and Primegreen materials. From adidas running shoes and the latest training outfits to functional adidas outdoor products, there will be something for every athlete among you - stay curious!

With adidas Primeblue, the beaches, the sea and the environment as a whole are freed from harmful plastic - a performance that protects the environment.

* The actual price may differ from the one indicated here. It depends on current offers and the model.