It's time to run with the Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 6! I’ve seen some videos of the boost technology from Adidas before so now I am even more intrigued to try out this concept. The Adidas Supernova Glide Boost has, as the name suggests, the so-called "Boost" technology. Adidas use a new material for the sole - its properties can be described when running as "springy". Through this technology the runner can benefit from better energy recovery which is meant to make athletes stronger and more powerful. So according to this information my expectations of the shoe were high.  

Shoe details incl. BOOSTTM Technology

Adidas Boost technology presented in 2013: To protect the runner and help them with a stronger outcome (with the same force due to energy recovery) and a higher speed. In addition, the Adidas Supernova has an extremely durable ADIWEAR ™ outer sole with Continental ™ rubber (according to manufacturer also suitable for wet weather, but I have yet to run in the rain to confirm that), a GEOFIT ™ construction for an anatomical fit/comfort and a TORSION ® SYSTEM for mid foot Stability. Adidas Supernova Glide Boost Technologie

The Looks

The design has the distinctive and world-famous three stripes - how could it be any different on an Adidas shoe? It has a sporty style look but it could be used for every day as there are not too many colours on the shoe (on my model black, white and blue, but it there is a model in yellow). Also, the running shoe design is more classic and elegant. Axel Gamp testet Adidas Supernova Glide Boost

Impressions from the Running Test.

In my first run (30 min continuous running on a paved surface) the ride was certainly more intense than my previous running shoes. They felt very stable on the around and on the foot. The "wow factor" of the new technology was not so prominent but the shoe felt very comfortable from the beginning to the end of the run. The sole was neither too soft nor too hard. Lately, I have had pain in my left heel due to an overloading phenomenon, but I managed to run completely pain free which was very positive for me. On my second run with a long pitch (about 20 minutes) and a long slope (about 15 min), again mainly on paved ground, gave me  a very pleasant  run downhill and this could be due to the boost technology.

My conclusionfor the Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 6

Personally, I would recommend this shoe for muscular or heavier runners, because it was convincing in its stability. It is Less suitable for real speed training and interval forms since it is not designed (in my opinion) for a ball runner. Instead I feel it is designed for a complete unwinding of the heel, longitudinal arch and big toe because the spring effect of the boost material is also much more intense in this movement. In conclusionthese running shoes are really fun and can be worn for any terrain. I wore these shoes on forest trails, jogging paths, tarred surface and gravel roads. I always had a very good feeling about them.   Adidas Boost