Every athlete who's taken part in a competition or two already knows what it feels like. Even as you travel to the competition you already try to focus and stay on top of your nerves. When the journey there is particularly long, keeping calm can be a big challenge. Our partner adidas has honed in to that specific moment and launched a hoodie for the occasion: the Z.N.E. Travel hoodie. It is supposed to help all athletes, pros and amateurs alike, to push aside all distractions before the competition and focus completely. adidas launched the Z.N.E. collection last summer with the slogan "Find your zone", and it is focussed on getting you concentrated just before the big event - the brand with the three stripes has now gone a step further by aiding focus during the journey to the competition.455992

Similar to the first Z.N.E. hoodie, the adidas Travel hoodie has a particularly large hood to block distracting sounds. Easy-access pockets and the construction of the high quality cotton/polyester/elastane mix all provide the utmost of comfort during the journey. Michael Krapohl, Senior Product Manager at adidas, explains: "adidas was founded on the promise of providing optimal equipment to athletes. With the launch of adidas Athletics we have managed to soften the conditions on athletes during critical phases before and after a competition. The journey towards the competition encompasses many of these critical phases. This means that is it important to help the athlete switch off and concentrate on the upcoming competition, so s/he can analyse his or her performance on the go. It is for this reason that we have joined forces with athletes to develop this collection and meet the demands caused by such situations."455993