In collaboration with Pharrell Williams, our partner adidas is launching a collection this autumn that brings to the forefront the diversity of humankind. The "Hu" in the name stands for "human" - a term that refers to all people, regardless of appearance or skin colour. Pharrell Williams is the embodiment of this collection, as he has a goal to connect all of humankind with love, passion and energy. He tells us: "We all look different, we speak different languages, and yet we are all connected."


In order to raise awareness of the entire human race across the globe, Pharrell intends to learn the history and traditions of certains peoples and pass his new knowledge on. For the first adidas hu collection, he visits the indigenous people of North Dakota. "By understanding our past, we can build a bridge into the future". Pharrell Williams.


The adidas hu collection consists of 14 pieces of clothing and five shoe models. The colourful shoes and dynamic activewear are the image of variety and vitality. Apart from the typical three stripes, the collection is printed with slogans like "Hu Race", "Human Species" and "Hue Man" that make this collection absolutely unique.