If you want to be fit for sports and celebrate long-term successes, it’s not only practice that makes perfect. Recovering correctly and taking care of your body is essential. As is now well known, performance improvement doesn’t come from training itself but from the recovery phase that comes afterwards. During training, be it weight lifting, running or yoga, it’s both your muscles and your fascia that are put under heavy strain. Skipping the recovery phase can harden your body, making it painful to move and, in the worst case scenario, causing you to move incorrectly, resulting in injury. Why not use BLACKROLL® to loosen those knots? Like that, you’ll soon be fit and ready to give your all during the next training session. Recently, the brand launched the BLACKROLL ® BOOSTER. This is a tool with which you can loosen your tension overall, while also targeting specific trigger spots to speed up recovery. Every 30-centimetre BLACKROLL® can be upgraded with the BOOSTER by simply screwing it in. The vibrating core supports the roll on various levels and turns it into an effective massage tool. We’d like to explain the benefits of the BOOSTER. 900x675 (2) This is how the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER works: The vibrating core “confuses” the pain receptors in the tissue, so the intermittent pressure is perceived as being noticeably less painful. This is particularly helpful when dealing with chronic and very acute pain. Apart from that, your muscles are also activated. This stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, optimising your regeneration. The unique Vibra Motion technology provides a broad vibration spectrum: from 12 to 56 Hertz; so you can use the higher frequencies to activate your muscles before you begin training. On the flip side, the lower frequencies are better suited to post-training recovery. The BOOSTER can even be used without BLACKROLL®. It enables targeted treatment of specific trigger spots and strengthens the deeper, underlying muscles and the layers of fascia surrounding them. BLACKROLL_BOOSTER-29 If you want to take better care of your muscles and the surrounding tissue, the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER is sure to serve you well. Have you already tried the BOOSTER? What do you think of it? What about its effects? We look forward to hearing your opinion! Targeted treatment of specific areas can also be done with the help of different models by BLACKROLL®, such as the Ball or the Duoball. Check them out here.

Images: © BLACKROLL® / Sebastian Schöffel