Like every year, Christmas this year has been a wonderful opportunity to have fun with family and friends. The time off gives us the chance to break away from our daily routines and recover from all the stress. Nonetheless, after the holidays it will soon be time to get active again to stop ourselves from sitting on the sofa for hours on end. Our partner Kari Traa has prepared a winter workout that is ideal to start off slowly after the Christmas festivities. Here are some exercises explained for you:

1. Push-up & plank jump for your full bodycms-931-20903-2b7574e2b9e16857e10d86856c5f8ccb-push-up-side-jump For this exercise, body tension is the key. Start in a plank position. Flex your arms until your chest almost touches the floor. Push yourself back into a plank position to finish the push-up. To finish off, make your legs spring apart and then bring them back together again to bring yourself back into the plank position once more. Make sure you keep your buttocks tense during the exercise and that your spine is straight at all times.

2. Squat jumps for your thighs and buttockscms-931-20866-d829ab853a81d81086eecaa3c7cec3dc-squat-jump A well-known exercise that is great for toning your thighs and bum. Begin in a standing position with your legs shoulder-width apart. Squat down so your knees are bent, and stretch your arms out in front of you while you do so. Now swing your arms back and at the same time jump up - keeping your body nice and straight. When you land, in a standing position, start the exercise again.

3. Side dip & leg lift for shoulders and general upper bodycms-931-20868-6c13235b79b0042d1d46c1642f375b5b-side-dip This exercise works your balance and body tension above all. Start off in a side plank position with your supporting arm stretched out and straight. Now lift your free leg until it comes parallel with the floor, and let it sink slowly back again. By keeping your body tensed up you’re toning not only your shoulders, but also your tummy and bum. Lifting your leg intensifies the effect and strengthens the abductor muscles in your arms. Repeat the exercise for both sides of the body.

4. Shoulder push-ups for your shoulderscms-931-20902-6581f03c7687ceb3907264e04a6de9ac-shoulder-push-up The shoulder push-ups are a good variant of the plank for strengthening your shoulders. The exercise begins with you standing with your legs apart, forming a V-shape and with your knees straight. Now bend forward and place your hands below your shoulders. Lower your head until you can see between your legs and bend your arms until your elbows are at approximately 90°. Roll your body back up to your original position and repeat the exercise.

5. Frog kick-unders for tummy and thighscms-931-20865-8ae3b555dc17382fc2771e498f6fda98-iform_ida_1 Begin by standing straight with your legs shoulder-width apart. Go into a squat and rest your hands on the floor directly beneath you. For better balance, tense up your tummy. Now stretch out one leg to the side at the same time as the opposite arm. Go back into your resting squat position and then repeat the exercise for both sides of the body.

Enjoy your workout!

Source: Kari Traa