Be it at the seaside, on a river or on a lake, you see them almost anywhere there’s water: free-standing paddlers on inflatable boards. Stand up paddling (or SUP in short) has long become part of a (water) sports enthusiast’s day-to-day! Even when summer passes, the SUP season still isn’t over. That’s why we’d like to awaken your interest in this cool sport!

What makes the boards so robust? Have you ever asked yourself what an SUP board looks like from the inside and why it’s so stable? The answer is drop stitch! On the inside, thousands of nylon threads connect the deck with the part under the water. Even under great pressure, the shape will stay the same. Around the threads, the board is made up of different layers of robust PVC. This means that an inflatable SUP board is much more than just a raft! Just to compare: most SUP boards have 15 PSI / 1 bar air pressure,which is way more than rafts have.


From SUP races to SUP yoga Stand up paddling has become a term that encompasses all kinds of activities imaginable! If, for example, you don’t fancy attending the Berlin Marathon on 24th September, join in the SUP Chiemsee island marathon instead, which takes place on the same weekend. This is the largest SUP event in Southern Bavaria and paddlers come from as many as 10 different countries to race along the 12k on the Chiemsee! SUP hasn’t just taken the racing world by storm, but also fitness. During SUP yoga, the board becomes a floating yoga mat on calm waters. It challenges your concentration but is also great fun! The instability of the board trains your balance even more. You can try it out on the Starnberger lake, the Ammersee lake or the Walchensee lake by using Call-A-Yogi, among others.


Our tip: start on calm waters and get a feel for the board. When you’ve managed to stand up on the board from a kneeling position, start trying to paddle. The resistance of the paddle against the water will give you stability and, when the SUP board starts to glide, you’ll feel even more stable. Once you’ve figured out how to do it, you can take your SUP board for wonderful trips in remote landscapes that you’d never be able to access without your board!

If you don’t have your own board yet, you can hire one Fanatic board at the Keller Sports Store and try out this sport for yourself! You can find out all about it in this post on our Facebook page.

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