30cm of fresh snow - blue skies - untouched slopes! Our Keller Sports Pros Franzi and Marvin describe their perfect freeriding day and tell us how they prepare for it. “I can’t believe that the mountains were already deep in snow in early December. We haven’t had a start to the season like this for years. Just the thought of it makes a winter athlete’s hearts beat faster. There’s only one logical course of action: get your skis out and hit the powder. If you want to enjoy the perfect freeriding day in the perfect conditions, you need the right preparation, the correct equipment and, of course, a certain amount of know-how. To ensure we can set off as early as possible in the morning, we’ve got all of our gear packed and ready the evening before the big day. Foto1 In order to stay as safe as possible in the powder paradise, a standard avalanche kit is essential. It comes with a probe, a shovel, a transceiver and, preferably, an avalanche airbag rucksack. The visibility conditions may change - to be ready for that, we recommend ski goggles with interchangeable lenses like my Smith I/O with Chromapop lens technology. These goggles also improve sharpness and colours, which helps prevent possible optical distortions due to altitude changes or variable light conditions. Apart from that, warm gloves and a first aid kit are also coming with us. The most important part of your kit: all kinds of snacks and something to drink. Foto2 8.30 am: We take the first lift up. We look for the perfect line but decide to put on the ski skins and climb further up. The one-hour climb was well worth it. Optional Before we take the first face shots, we analyse the slope in detail - is it a north slope or a south? What inclination does it have? Are there any dangerous winds up here? We also test the transceiver to make sure it works properly. Foto4 Everything looks good! Three, two, one - drop! *screams of excitement* Foto5