By launching the Rider ski jacket, our partner Mountain Force has become a highlight of the season. The jacket is not only useful as a ski jacket - it has a removable hood and a stowable snow guard, making it ideal for daily use and, above all, for cooler temperatures. However, it is on the piste that the jacket shows its true potential. In this post we want to introduce you to some of the features offered by the Mountain Force Rider ski jacket:


One of the most important factors of a ski jacket may be its degree of waterproof protection. With its 20,000 mm rating, the Mountain Force Rider is a winner in this area. The water column rating is determined in a lab, where a piece of the material is stretched under a measuring tube. The tube is filled with water again and again, and the researchers observe how long it takes for drops of water to form on the other side of the fabric. In Germany, materials of 1,500 mm rating are already considered waterproof. Apart from the waterproofing, breathability is also a key property of a material. In the case of the Mountain Force Rider jacket, breathability is delivered by Mountain Force’s own ceramic membrane. This offered not only outstanding breathability, but also reflects heat inwards and cold outwards. Together with schoeller®-PCM™ lining, this jacket ensures an excellent skin temperature.


Another benefit of the Rider jacket from Mountain Force is that from the inner lining right through to the outer material, the entire jacket is made from 12-way stretch fabric. This means the jacket provides unrestricted freedom of movement, as well as a high level of comfort. Pair this up with practical features, like waterproof zips, an easy-access ski pass pocket, several waterproof inner pockets and seams taped with 100% Ultra Sonic technology, and you get a garment that is perfect for the piste and for everyday life. Waterproof with a high quality finish, practical pockets and many functional details… the Mountain Force Rider ski jacket leaves nothing to be desired, wouldn’t you agree?

Bilder: Instagram/mountainforce