adidas’ Terrex Skyclimb fleece jacket a great all-rounder for outdoor sports! Be it for hiking, cycling, trail running, climbing or ski touring - the adidas Terrex Skyclimb fleece jacket is the perfect companion for your activities out in the open. This outdoor jacket was designed by adidas to be a hybrid. The outside of it is made of Pertex® Equilibrium material, which is not only waterproof and water-resistant but also provides protection against the wind without hindering the garment’s breathability. If you look at the inside of the jacket, you’ll recognise the fleece mesh structure, which is responsible for the improved insulation. The reason for this construction is body mapping - a system that uses different materials for different body parts to suit every area individually. In short, where your body needs more warmth, the jacket delivers more insulation; where you need more breathability, insulation is reduced and the focus lies on moisture management. _DSF6027-Edit Another highlight is that this jacket was made with great consideration for sustainability. Just as an example, 94% of the breathable material is actually recycled polyester. Because of its use of recycled material, the Terrex Skyclimb jacket is part of the adidas Sustainable Product Program, which encourages a responsible approach to the environment. The outdoor jacket’s flexible fleece material enables unrestricted freedom of movement but it stays in place at all times - even the back doesn’t ride up when you’re cycling. Apart from that, the Terrex Skyclimb’s figure-hugging fit allows you to wear it under an outer layer if the weather turns. This adidas fleece jacket is so versatile that it’s become one of our Keller Sports Pro Michi’s favourite pieces: 20171218_133704 (2) "I’ve had the adidas Terrex Skyclimb for about 6 months now and it’s been great for all of the trips I’ve done in that time. I was a little sceptical at first but this fleece jacket has proven to be a true multi-purpose garment. It’s a warm layer for hiking, running in cold weather or even for putting on quickly after a climb. It’s low weight and packing volume make it easy to carry around in your rucksack - this means you can quickly react to the weather or change when you’re heading back downhill. In my opinion, this jacket is super comfortable and is ideal for mild temperatures or as a midlayer in cold or very wet weather.” Why not check out the multi-talented adidas Terrex for yourself? Click here!