A lot of fitness newbies start the year with sky-high motivation levels. January is the month of the year when the most people sign up for gym memberships. Unfortunately, most of the attempts to start exercising and become fitter are abandoned early on. But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you want to keep your motivation levels up beyond the first three weeks of January and don’t want to give up on your training, we have a great tip for you: create a new sports outfit that makes you feel good, offers you freedom of movement, fits well and provides all of the functional properties you need. We now have lots of new Under Armour training items in our selection. From sports bras and tops to shorts and cosy training hoodies - and of course, leggings and sports pants for both men and women. In short, everything you’re looking for. Whether you train indoors or outdoors, practise yoga, weightlifting or functional training, we’ve got you covered. To keep up the motivation for as long as possible, you need to feel good in your clothes and practise a sport that you enjoy. Be strong, stay motivated and believe in yourself! We’re right behind you! Click here to check out the Under Armour new arrivals in our selection. Here’s a beautiful women’s outfit we’ve put together to inspire you: Crossback Sportsbra BraWomenrosa   Free Cut Trainingstank shirtWomenblack   Favorites Trainingstight TightWomengrau