Our partner Lowe Alpine is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year - we would like to congratulate the company and give you an overview of its story.

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In 1967, Greg Lowe developed the first modern rucksack while sat in the cellar of his parents’ house in Utah. This was the beginning of Lowe Alpine. Five years later, in 1972, the project was officially launched as a company by founders Jeff, Greg and Mike Lowe. As passionate climbers, they were always on highly challenging expeditions. This meant that they could find out first hand what was needed in order to improve their products. In the following years, they developed rucksacks for the U.S. army, among others. From the very beginning, all of the brand’s products have been equipped with the latest technologies available at the time of production. LowAlpine50

In honour of the 50th anniversary, we now have the latest models from Lowe Alpine available in our selection. We would like to introduce you to two of the rucksacks:

Lowe Alpine - Cerro Torre 65-85 Cerro Torre

Apart from generous storage space, this rucksack also offers a volume that can be increased by 20 litres - from 65 to 85 litres. The Axion 7 back system can be easily adjusted to suit the length of your back. Ventilation channels in the back system also provide air circulation for comfort. The integrated 6 litre daypack can be removed if not needed.

Lowe Alpine - Airzone ND 33-40  


The women’s hiking rucksack can also be expanded from a volume of 33 litres to 40. Several practical pockets provide fast access to all your essentials. The Centro Adjust Airzone system is a large recess in the back area that allows optimal air circulation between the rucksack and your back.


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