The question of whether it is better to run on a treadmill or in the open air cannot easily be answered, as we have already explained, because both of them have advantages and disadvantages. However if you have decided to go running on a treadmill, then we have here a few tips for you, which you should certainly follow next time you train indoors. Since mistakes can very quickly occur, if the floor is suddenly moving instead of you ;-)  

5 typical mistakes when running on a treadmill

  1. Incorrect posture. You should always run nice and straight on the treadmill. But be careful that your shoulders and your neck do not tighten up. Bouncing is also a no-go, as is rotating your head (it doesn’t matter who is running on the treadmill next to you!) or your upper body.
  2. Distractions. Do not underestimate the danger that a little carelessness may present, since the treadmill will keep going even if your legs stop temporarily. A fall does not only hurt physically ;-)
  3. Holding on to the sides. Come on, outside there isn’t anything to hold onto! Anyone who clings onto the arm grips does not have their full weight on the floor and therefore is needs less energy (burning fewer calories). If all else fails, then the treadmill is probably going a little too fast – try turning it down a little bit!
  4. Monotonous training. If you always run for the same amount of time at the same speed your body will begin to get used to it and will burn fewer and fewer calories. The performance-enhancing effects are reduced. If you constantly want to get better, then you must vary your training and even increase steadily, whether in time or in speed (or running on a higher incline).
  5. Getting on or off the treadmill while it is moving. Unless you have the moves of these guys:
  Apart from this you should always warm up thoroughly before exercising. Sure, it may even be a short session on the treadmill but you should plan this time before you get properly going and start your training program. As a cool down we recommend a relaxed walk, before you finish your training with maybe a few stretching exercises.