As increasing numbers of gyms have opened over the last few years and people have forgotten that outdoor training has many benefits, we have decided to list five reasons why you should carry out your next training session out in nature.

1. Training is free

The monthly costs of a gym membership can add up after a while. You can save this expense easily by training outdoors. A very important aspect is that we don’t have to miss out on anything. Whether you use an exercise trail or the resources at hand to do exercises like uphill sprints or box jumps on a park bench, the options are limitless and there are opportunities everywhere to do simple exercises that work the entire body.peak performance outdoor

2. Outdoor training is good for your mood and mental health

Many studies have already proven the connection between time spent outdoors and the level of stress. The more time we spend out in nature, the less stressed we become. So go out, move your body and train your stress away.ASICS_SS16_TRAINING_51_LR

3. There are no mirrors outside

The various large mirrors in gyms can often make us more critical of our bodies and have a distracting effect. Training outdoors allows us to forget our bodies, we stop comparing ourselves to others and we don’t have to hide from judgemental looks. We focus more on nature and on the actual workout. A clear benefit there.1498166_10152074793882976_2090488501_o

4. It’s never boring

Alone the fact that the surroundings change while we run already makes training more varied and less boring. We concentrate more on the new things we see and not on how tired we are during the exercise. It’s almost certain that nobody has come back home from training in the park and said “gosh, that was boring”. Keep your training exciting.Unbenannt

5. No queues

I’m sure everyone knows that feeling when there’s the “rush hour” at the gym after work. We often have to wait for exercise machines to be free so we can continue with the next exercise. This will not happen outdoors - there are no queues. Be creative and you can do any kind of exercise you want in your given surroundings.

Those were just five from a long list of benefits. Have fun training outdoors!