Every day the average German spends 7-9 hours sitting down. In addition to that, the survey says that the average person spends roughly 3 hours of free time in front of the television or computer. How about you? Are you “typically German?“ Lack of exercise is not to be underestimated, because cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders can result from it. Especially in the workplace where we now spend a large part of the day, we must intervene. In addition we present to you further fitness exercises in our first series, which you can freely combine to make an effective office workout.  

Exercise 1: Press-up on the desk

Starting position: Stand in front of your desk, leaving your chair alone. Support yourself with your hands on the edge of the table and move your feet back so that a large part of your weight is on your arms. How to do it: Bend your arms and do normal push-up movements. You can make the exercise a little bit more difficult if you bring your elbows closer to your body or if you increase the distance from the table. Press-up on the desk  

Exercise 2: The “Wheely”

Honestly who has never got into a swivel chair and spun around a few times?! You’re allowed to have a good time after all! J Starting position: Sit on the front edge of your (swivel) chair and grab the table with your hands. Slide back as far as possible now without letting go of the table. How to do it: Pull yourself towards your desk with your arms, until your chest touches the edge. Push yourself back again and repeat the exercise 15-20 times. The “Wheely”  

Exercise 3: Floating seat

We’re increasing the difficulty. Are you ready? Sit upright and support yourself with both your hands on the chair. Lift up your bum so that it is floating above the chair. If you can still manage to sit cross-legged, then you are a master of the “Magic Carpet Ride!” J Floating seat  

Exercise 4: Forearm hold

Support yourself for this exercise with your forearms on the table top, tense your stomach and then at the same time lift your feet off the floor and your bum off the chair. Hold this position for around 10-15 seconds. And don’t forget that if a colleague comes past: Just laugh it off! ;-) Forearm hold  

Exercise 5: Reverse lunges on the chair

Starting position: Slide your chair far back and put one foot on it. The bigger the step, the more you can stretch your glutes (instead of your thighs). How to do it: Bend your standing leg until it almost touches the floor. Then switch legs and stretch out again. Take care that the knee going down does not extend over your toes. Reverse lunges on the chair   Now that you know the 10 best exercises for your sports break in the office, we show you how you can combine them to make an effective 20 or 30 minute office workout.    

10 Minutes Core Workout


10 Minutes Full-Body-Workout


20 Minutes After-Work-Out